Curled under the covers dreading to make the morning rise
Opening one eye to see if there’s rain to hide inside
Putting on a face so it won’t show the hollow that is me
I step outside, seeing couples sharing each other as they go by

Needing to stay numb so I won’t give my feelings away
Grey expectations are looming again today
Where’s the passion, where’s the loving It used to be here
I just can’t find it anymore

Taking this emptiness one day a week at a time
Hoping this lonely ache will go some week that’s a month
The night time comes again and I’m haunted in mysterious solitude
Hoping and desiring for one to make me want no more

Eating me up slowly inside the monster does
My everything for just a moment hugged
On my honour I would how ever give anything now
Not how I want me to be, it’s just what I’ve become

So the clock strikes late again as it does for me every night
Taking myself back to the covers that can’t hide me
Even before I lay myself down, the monster starts to clutch and feed
Run to me, reach me, hold me, save me from my empty lonely self

Amanada Borhly Grey March 14, 2014