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As I Know It

don’tcha know, don’tcha see

Didn’t you ever pay attention to me
I tried to tell you in so many ways how it would be
So you didn’t watch when you turned away
So you didn’t listen when I wouldn’t speak

In the tears of the night your lie takes hold
Passing time in those long dark hours alone
So all I can do can’t stop me hating you
So night turns to day and there’s no sun

don’tcha know, dontcha see, what you’ve done to me
couldn’tcha look, couldn’tcha see, I just wanted to be left to be

I think its stopped and there you are with
One more explanation, one more still not sorry
So never did you appologize for coming that way
So cold laying down with me while loving another

It hurt so much to know you were never in love
Guess that’s why you never really took me to heart
So hey what’s it really matter, you got your desire
So to you there’s just no shame in using another

why didn’tcha know, why didn’tcha see, what your lie would do to me
why couldn’tcha look, why couldn’tcha see, I just wanted to be left to be
why couldn’t you have always … just let me be to be

Amanda Borhly Grey ©