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Curtains tremble delicately in the open window
Hint of scent, born delicately upon the softest current
Fragrance meanders in, wraps me, gently caresses me
Reminded so distinctly, sweetly, of my distant love

The scent sets off such wondrous images in my mind
Transported blissfully into places of love and laughter
Moments spent in the company of my one, my only
Recollections of magical days and nights of every season

More and more alive with every inhalation
A magnetic tugging along all the fibres of my soul
Deliciously held, made love to in the clinging of the scent
Each exhale carries away pent up longings

Acutely aware of absinthe and absence
Happy for the visions this bouquet delivered me
Contented that my heart warmed and leapt
Delighting this scented gift could only be given to me

Amanda Borhly Grey ©