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Never Ever Land

Finger hovering over your lighted number
It’s seems it’s been ages since I spoke to you
Wondering if you’d hiss me or kiss me
Either is fine in this confused state of mind

Something so bothersome in me
With you, a problem always bearable
Except this time, this time my problem is you
The man who never lets you ever know the inside

Thought of just showing up and knocking
No matter what, you’d smile and let me in
Going to have to decide, quit or commit
Been times I’ve hated you for showing me that

Learned that sometimes you have to resonate
Knowing just how you’ll look at me when I ask
Straight in the eye with your noncommittal smile
Your patented not going to tell you much look

Enquiries in to your current state of affairs
Laughing off others wily worming, you never budge
Saw you do it enough to know why you do
What they don’t know is its just you being you

Years gone and past time we took away a never ever
Just two people talking over the whole truths
For what it’s worth and you taught me oh so well
There’s enough pirate in me now to take on even you

Amanda Borhly Grey ©
April 18, 2017