Their Moments

From across the crowded room, his soft gaze meets my stared desire
Sent and received, unspoken message between two lovers
Hurried goodbyes, each of us captivated by the others retreat
Meeting at the door, his hand slips into mine, a moment for a smile

Hand in hand, fleeing into the heat of a rose scented night
Seduced by my own will, completely freed to share me with him
Desperate needs, to touch, to taste, to smell, to be joined
Archangel wings flutter across my soaring soul, a moment for a caress

Unconsummated passion burning through me, head, to finger, to toe
Each and every one of my senses ablaze in a screaming hunger
Languidly falling into recline, leading his body down into mine
Descending into heaven’s most delicious paradise, a moment for a breath

Thigh caresses thigh, my fingers finding their own way, tracing along him
Tender touches bring his ear to my lips; “still love, just joined and still”
My body with a mindless desire of it’s own, gently grasping and holding
One from two, his face above dips to meet mine, a moment for a kiss

Stirring slow in small circles, gentle waves sent to touch all my shores
Loves waters cascade, flowing to fill the warm pool that is the bottom of my soul
Two as one, my own risen tide released, breaking back against his
This once sore heart of mine, beating it’s wings again, a moment for a life time

Amanda Borhly Grey ©