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Waves of anticipation washing out, barely constrained
Fluttering committed heart beating, waiting, wishing for my love
Scent of his presence, gentle hand caresses my burnished cheek
Lost and found in eyes that knowingly see all, eyes that understand
His smile reflects upon my own, overwhelmed, drawn deeper
Reaching to trace my loves sweet lips, bind them perpetually with mine
Kiss of light, Kiss of love, welded passion promising delight

Was he who turned love to me, we who knew today was a wedding night
Thoughts for this time have escaped, showing joyously in my eyes
My last love in life, became my eternal lover this day
Melded as one, sharing, living in his heart, he in mine
Spiritual joined by the physical, soft and warm and true
“Oh my Love”, breathless in desire, overflowing in content, cradled in peace
My love’s waves washing in, forever sealing, his place in my being

Amanda Borhly Grey ©