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Self Betrayal

Welling up, wishing I could just die here on this spot
Loneliness and the doubting of myself was no excuse
Such sadness in his face, never did I ever wish to cause such pain
Not able to bare his eyes, tears fall slowly from my bowed head

Only love and kindness, his burning light always shone to me
If I could but only take all of me from his tortured mind
Carry the burden gladly through life that I put upon his heart
Gladly cry ten thousand tears for each tear my love shed because of me

His gentle hand raised my chin that I must look at him
My love would never let me hide my face from him
His words come so softly to my ears, filled with such despair
Only he would have the wisdom and strength to see straight to the truth

“It was not me that was betrayed, you betrayed yourself”
“When you learn the worth of yourself, you will return to me”
“You’ll come purely and openly, and you will believe”
“My love for you is eternal, as is yours for me”

Amanda Borhly Grey ©